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Death is the destination we all share. - Steve Jobs

Don't simp

Don’t simp: What happens when you simp someone: The other person may feel that your intentions are too strong, which can scare them away. What happens when you beg: You decrease your value: If you’re really that great, why don’t you have a significant other yet? Respect cannot be generated, and therefore neither can feelings. You are seen as a tool. Even if a relationship is established with difficulty due to an imbalance in the relationship, it will quickly break down....

February 20, 2023 · Tron

Thoughts on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Today I revisited “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” through Lao Gao’s video. The most important thing is: understanding the concept of a thing is simple, but how to integrate it into action, and ensure that you won’t forget it? Habit, as it is called, is to implement concepts into behaviors/actions. If a concept cannot be implemented into action, it is almost as good as non-existent. But the value of habit lies in its unconsciousness, acting and doing things according to habit at all times....

February 3, 2023 · Tron